• Photo of WiCi Community of Practice Event

    Community of Practice Members at the October WiCi event.

  • Photo of Capital Equipment Awareness Training Event

    Awareness sessions took place for capital equipment Department Property Administrators in November.

  • Photo of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Recipient Recognition

    UW-Madison honors Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification recipient, Jim Franzone.

  • Photo of Lean Six Sigma Training Event

    Campus staff learns about lean waste during APR sponsored Lean Six Sigma Training.

  • Photo of the Internal Billing Team celebration

    The Internal Billing Team receives congratulations on their achievements.


APR was a project initiated in 2007 to improve complicated, cross-campus processes. Now firmly established as a unit reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, APR has helped apply process improvement methodologies at every level across campus.

There is always challenge in effecting culture change. At UW-Madison, we have a deeply-rooted commitment to decentralization, and it serves us well in many ways. It does, however, make standardization, internal communication and change extremely difficult. APR works with campus leaders to tell the story of culture change and develop strategies for moving improvement forward at all levels of the university.

APR has created a reputation for success in improving how we deliver effective administrative services to the campus community and changing how we do our work. We have grown slowly – adding skills through training and practice, so we are now able to assist campus in improving processes at the departmental/divisional level, across campus and at the enterprise level.

Have a project in mind? Please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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