Project Documents:

Internal Controls - Inventory

Business Owner: Business Services

Project start date: 7/22/2015

Project closing date: 6/21/2016

This project is one of several within the Financial Internal Controls Initiative. The Initiative has a Framework Development Charter that provides direction for the individual project charters.

The Inventory project is focused on establishing a comprehensive process for inventory control on campus. Inventory is generally defined as consumable items that are held for sale or use, and need to be tracked as assets when they are of material value to stakeholders. There is no consistent process for this practice across campus units.

The goal of this project is to provide recommendations regarding the recording of incoming and outgoing items, accurate financial recording of inventory and monitoring of inventories, among other items.

The deliverable for this project team is a recommended, comprehensive process for managing inventory across campus.



Key Performance Metrics

No measurements for recommendations phase.